Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bacon, Lettuce and Peach Sandwich…. The BLP!!

Yes, a sandwich with peaches.. Summer peaches are almost over and I found some perfect peaches. After seeing a similar sandwich on the Food Network, I would give it a try and a twist.

I decided to simplify their sandwich. Using prepared pesto, I mixed 1 T. with ¼ c. of mayonnaise.
Toast two slice of multigrain bread and top with pesto mayonnaise.

My twist… I added two slices of roast beef to make it more like a club sandwich.

Two slices of applewood bacon.


Top with a big pile of spring mix salad.

Add several very thinly sliced peaches.


Cover with the other slice of bread… so good.

I know it sounds crazy but it is so good. A final blast of summer and summer peaches. Once you try it, you won’t know why it took so long to love peaches in a sandwich.

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