Thursday, August 23, 2012

Zinnia Tablescape or Orange I Pretty?

Okay, that was a little cheezy.... Summer still has a month left on the calendar and everyone is looking to fall. But I still have some fun summer tables in store for the family. This weekend, hubby left for a new job and we had to celebrate!!

 My zinnias have been absolutely prolific this summer and needed a chance to shine. 


Start with a very fun tablecloth…. So colorful and festive. 

My wicker Pottery Barn chargers coupled with the cream Ikea chargers. They are one of my favorite combinations. 


Olive green plates… on sale at Kroger for $1 a piece. 

Flower Accent plates… they could be zinnias, poppies, dahlias or peonies. Perfect for many summer tables. Imagine a pink peony table with these plates. 

Bake light flatware that always goes perfectly with any outside table. 


Glasses with wicker sleeves for plenty of Ice Tea


Orange napkins under the lovely lace ones. Both of these napkins are from Pier One. The napkin rings are perfect with the olive tones in the table. I used the ivory napkins last week. 

Chinese lanterns to match the tablecloth and flowers. My wisteria gives the perfect shade for summer dinners.

One of my favorite helpers…. 

This table is so beautiful. I love the orange... even thought it isn't my favorite color. I am joining Susan and her fabulous party, again. Thank you for looking at my table... I wish we could have everyone for dinner and a swim.


BBQ Chicken
Grilled Potatoes
Garden Salad
Cilantro lime corn
Peach Crisp with Whipped Cream

Table Linens: Home Goods
Napkins: Pier One
Napkin Rings: Bed, Bath and Beyond
Glasses: TJ Maxx
Chargers: Pottery Barn and Ikea
Dinner Plates: Olive Green -Kroger
Accent Plates: Home Goods
Vase: Yard Sale
Chinese Lanterns: World Market and the little ones from yard sales


  1. HI MOM!!
    This might be one of my favorite tables. I know everyone loves the blue and white tables, but this one has so much personality. Everywhere you look on the table there is a mixture of color and textures. I love it!!! I know you were debating on adding Orange plates, I think you made the right decision leaving them out and adding the green. It ties the vase, the table cloth, and the outside theme together. AMAZING! Good job! Love ya!

  2. What a fun table! Glad to see more summer tables! I'm not ready to give up on summer yet either! I love the colors in this and the tablecloth! The Chinese lanterns really make it festive! Love the zinnias too! What a cheerful table!

  3. Love that orange!!! And the zinnias. Mine are so pretty too and I used them in my simple tablescape also. I totally agree with the first sentence of your post. Although I relish the coming of cooler weather I am no where ready to let summer go yet. Let the flowers keep blooming!!! xo

  4. Lovely table. How I love zinnias. They make everything pretty around them and I sure want to grow some for cutting next summer.

  5. I am a zinnia fan, too. When my youngest daughter did 4-H flower projects, we could always count on the zinnias to make a splash at the fair. Your table is adorable, especially those napkins - very pretty.

  6. This is a BEAUTIFUL, happy table but very classy too! I love those lanters. Yvonne from Stone gable did a table a few years ago using these lanterns and zinnias!!! It is the perfect combo. Your flower plates are beautiful. Love that tablecloth. Thanks so much for sharing this. XO, Pinky

  7. How beautiful! I love the colors, the plates the chargers, well, everything!

    The lanterns add such a festive touch!

    Thanks for sharing this beauty at Let's Dish, it is wonderful!

  8. Love the colors in this tablescape! Everything is so pretty and the linens are gorgeous. Visiting from Let's Dish!

  9. First of all I adore the name of your blog. The table is splendid with the lanterns and bright flowers and summer colors. It screams celebration to me. Visiting from Kathleen's. Olive

  10. I love zinnias and the paper lanterns it is all so full of color and joy. A very perky upbeat look-- I love it!

  11. This is just fabulous. so many Ideas I've taken away from this table. The chandelier, the lanterns, the mix of plates. It's just all so pretty. xo marlis

  12. love it!! The combination of the colored lanterns and the bright zinnias is great! Your napkins and napkin rings go perfectly with your plate combinations, the whole thing looks wonderful!

  13. Woo hoo!!!!!!! Yes! Way to go, Cynthia!!! This is really, really pretty!!! I love the color combination that is so beautifully represented in that tablecloth! The pattern of the cloth is really great, too!!! I love the dishes you used to complement it! Hooray for your bumper crop of zinnias this year! It's been so hot here, we couldn't even grow dandelions! :-) I'm a paper lantern lover, so you KNOW I am diggin' those! Hip, hip, hooray! Great job!!! I wish we could all be there enjoying that beautiful table with that delicious menu, too! Have a good weekend!!!


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