Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We Interrupt this blog…. To bring you a message

If I were little Miss Muffet and sat on my tuffet…. 

And this came to visit. 

I would not let it sit beside me. After several bites, unbeknownst to me… I have spent five hours in the hospital and three days in bed. 

I am recovering but seriously suffering an ego blow. My stupidity at not taking this little sucker more seriously… I will return tomorrow with new blogs.


  1. Ha!! I am glad you are up moving today, I was really worried about you there!! I can't believe a little guy like that can cause so much pain. Love You Mommy!!

  2. Ouch! Glad you are on the mend!

  3. Ick!
    We had some of those in our storm cellar... storms came and went, but I wouldn't go inside. Then a few weeks back...I was down there nosing around. I saw a pretty good sized Lizard down there...and no BW spiders...YAY!
    I'd much rather have Lizards than spiders. Because after all...the Lizards have to eat something!

    sorry to hear about your troubles...hope you're improving! Pat

  4. So sorry you have suffered. May you heal right up.
    God bless,


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