Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pottery Barn Inspired Tablecloth

Several weeks ago, I had a small garden party and made this Pottery Barn inspired tablecloth. Made of white linen, I love the loose, soft ruffling on the table runner and wanted to recreate it in the tablecloth.

 Pottery Barn

My Tablecloth and Napkins

 I always buy or make my tablecloths between 108 to 120 inches long and 54 to 60 inches wide. The linen comes in 54 inch wide so with an 8 inch ruffle on either side, I cut the linen to 104 inches long by 44 inches wide.

With a loosely gathered ruffly, It would take 445 inches of ruffling for this tablecloth. at 54 inches wide, I needed 8 to 9 strips of 8 inch wide.

Serge and hem two 8 inch wide strips at a time. 

I used navy thread to hem it so you could see it better.

Using my ruffling foot, I ruffled the unfinished edge of the strips; setting the ruffler on 12. By setting it on twelve, the foot would gather the strip every twelfth stitch. 


The picture below shows what it looks like. I used navy thread so you could see the ruffles.

When I finished all the strips, I pinned right sides together; tablecloth and ruffled strips. Careful to allow the joining of strips as needed.

Attach the ruffles and then I serged the edges to give a finished look.

Next, the napkins. I like a 20 by 20 inch napkin and I always make 10 napkins for each tablecloth.

I did not want the ruffles to be as big as the tablecloth ruffle so a four inch ruffle would look perfect. So cut the linen to 12 inch by 12 inch.

To make a four inch ruffle around ten napkins, I would need 720 inches of 4 inch wide strips. That means 14 4 inch strips.

Repeat the same process with the ruffles of the tablecloth and carefully attach to each napkin. Serge and you have a beautifully ruffled napkin.


Soft and beautiful. I love the look.

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  1. Your tablecloth and napkins turned out very well! I like them, they're soft looking and the ruffles are so cute, this takes patience. Thanks for sharing.


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