Thursday, August 02, 2012

Baby's First Birthday

A first birthday is a very special occasion and my grandson's first birthday deserved a big party.

This boat, a recent Home Goods find, was the jumping off point.


Vintage flag fabric made perfect napkins and flags for decorations.


Buoy napkin rings from World Market.

Treasure on the tablecloth.

Wheels, all yard sale finds, were perfect plate stands.

We even used them on the cake stand. 

An "Under the Sea" cake made by a local bakery was so much fun.


Chinese lanterns always make a party festive.

Pirate gear for the guests; eye patches and pirate hats.

The best party accessories, the baby in a sailor outfit.

 Riding his new pony!!!


More presents!!!

Birthday Cake!

Not so sure about it... 

Okay, I love it.  

I hope you enjoyed the Baby's First Birthday!!



  1. Hi there..I love watching the photos especially the food, it's mouth-watering. I am a new blogger, don't have plenty of ideas..I'm your new follower. God bless!

  2. Your lil guy is sooooo very cute! This was a darling party. Great ideas to embrace.

    Aren't you thrilled you have him in your life? They add so much.
    God bless,


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