Wednesday, August 01, 2012

August Goals

August is the worst month for yard work... I am over the thrill of planting, harvesting and weeding. My garden looks terrible or at least not beautiful and the heat has taken its toll on my yard, flowers and myself. So I really need to power working out. After a while, you need motivation. My motivation is to start to take some time off.... work in the evenings and look at pretty pictures of gardens. This picture always motivates me. 

My new class is almost all prepped but the final touches, four exams and work on my other class. New exams and quizzes for them. It is a night class so that really needs some tweaking. Four weeks until classes start.Here I am giving an exam.... look what I read while they are taking a test!!

I am painting two more pieces of furniture before school starts and our exterior doors. Once those projects are done, I am free of painting until January.... Yeah!!! I still need some tweaking in my office but almost ready to show you the final, final pictures.

I am planning a wedding for a client, working on a business plan, and vision board. My goal this fall is to be totally focused on my business. I have two TV appearances and hope to work in other media. My PR efforts have been feeble lately.... stepped up in August.

August Goals

1.    Tables finished with two tablecloths sewn.
2.    Classes completely prepped.
3.    Furniture and exterior doors painted
4.   Pantry Labels finished and molding added.
5.    Copper cookie cutters polished
6.   One closet cleaned out.
7.    Christmas pictures planned

On Mondays, I am working on a motivational series. If you have not set your goals for August, join me and I can help. When you have goals, you have a direction and accomplish more than without goals.

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  1. Mercy you are busy! I have got to start setting goals like this. My tendency is to have a to do list that carries on from day to day.

    You asked me about prepping for school the other day. Well we moved to Texas this summer. I am not going to teach. I will miss it so much but we moved to help take care of in-laws and that is pretty time consuming.


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