Monday, July 16, 2012

Menu Week Ending July 22nd

 This week, I finally feel like the summer of painting is almost over. Thank goodness!!! It looks great but seriously tired of painting. I will show you some of the results later this month. 

Last week, Tennessee received much needed rain. It rained every day.... Saturday, I was finally able to get into the garden and what a disaster. The tomato plants have been decimated and who could blame them, two months of gentle watering, no rain and then a monsoon. So I need to spend the week, working to salvage what I can and cleaning up. 

Lastly, during the summer, I feel disconnected from friends and family. Too many projects, too much work, friends on vacation, us on vacation. By the middle of July, we feel like hermits. So I am going to make a much bigger effort to reconnect with friends. 

My menu is light... and easy. No fancy meals but dinners that can be expanded to include drop ins, i.e. read children or can feed two. I am joining Yvonne and her Menu Party.


Fresh Mozzarella BLT
Sweet Potato Fries



Salad in a Jar


Inside Out Lobster Rolls
French Potato Salad
Corn on the Cob





Meatball Calzone
Cesar Salad



Pork Crostini


Spinach Frittata
Berries in sugar


  1. Sweet Blessings to you.
    Your menu looks delicious!

    So hot here in Kansas....wishin' for 73 degree weather. Praying for some rain to cool off this place.

    God bless and may you enjoy these awesome meals you have planned,

  2. Love the look of the salad in a jar. I found this on Stone Gable's On the Menu Monday. I have linked in a fried chicken dish that you don't want to look at if you are dieting! Have a nice week.


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