Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Surprise Anniversary Table.

Last month, my daughter and her hubby had their first anniversary. They had decided to have a lovely dinner at home. So I convinced them to let me surprise them and set the table for their dinner. 

I wanted to create a table that would reflect their reception. As every bride and groom will tell you, they never get a chance to eat at their reception. By recreating their reception table, they would be transported back to their wedding day without the rush of the wedding. Time to enjoy themselves.
Hydrangeas from my garden set the tone. Gold table linens replicate the reception tables. 

Elegant silver candelabras

The top of their cake. 

My daughter’s Kate Spade china. On a side note, my daughter uses her china as her every day china. I am very proud of her. She uses her beautiful things every day rather than save them for special. 

I love the whimsical polka dots of her china.  

Mustaches from the wedding… a joke for her father. Every guest got a mustache to surprise dad at the end of the Father Daughter dance. 

Their crystal monogrammed champagne glasses. 

Coffee cups... for after dinner.

I set the table while they were out to surprise them. An elegant, intimate and romantic dinner. 

I am joining Susan again for her fabulous Tablescape Party. 


  1. That was an incredibly sweet thing for you to do. Love the Kate Spade china. :)

  2. What a lovely thing to do for your daughters anniversary. I'm sure they thoroughly enjoyed their beautiful table.

    Jocelyn @

  3. I would have loved to come home to such a precious, thoughtful and elegant surprise. I think the table is stunning. Love love her dishes and the pretty crystal.. What an incredibly nice thing to do. have a blessed week, xo marlis

  4. This is a beautiful table. I love your daughter's choice in china and that she uses it everyday. I'm sure they were both so pleased with your beautiful re-creation. You must tell me where you found that wonderful square cake plate. Dianne

    1. I found it at Home Goods... as always!! Thank you for your kind words.

  5. Such a lovely anniversary surprise for your daughter and her husband. Beautiful china and appointments. I know that they must have been pleased. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  6. How sweet! I love those Kate Spade patterns! The table looks lovely. Happy Anniversary to your daughter and husband!

  7. That was indeed an incredibly thoughtful gesture on your part! Happy Anniversary to the couple!!! I am glad, too, to see that your daughter uses her china regularly. It just seems to me to make sense that one would treat herself and her new husband to such finery. You brought the magic of their wedding day back to life for this special night, and I'm sure they won't soon forget your generosity of heart and spirit!!! LOVE the cake stand!


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