Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Lobster Cookies and pants

Friends of ours always have the most festive crab boil for their dog’s birthday. Claude is a wonderfully tempered boxer who is reached the prime age of 7. It is a great time and everyone has such fun. Claude has “Happy Birthday” sang to him.. and he thoroughly appreciates it.

My friends’ home is on the lake and we have a great time catching up with friends, getting out on the river and onto the boat. Those brave enough ride floats behind the boat, but mostly we spend time enjoying everyone’s company.

My grandson was going to attend his first crab boil… 

so he needed a cute outfit befitting the occasion. I started with this cute lobster seersucker fabric and made him some cute sailor pants….. He would look so dapper.. ..

But what better to accompany the cute pants then some lobster sugar cookies? So I made my favorite sugar cookie dough, cut out the lobsters, yes, I have a lobster cookie cutter…. Baked them.

Decorated with some red flooding icing… and the baby and the dessert match.

I cannot tell you what a big hit they were!!! Everyone loved them!!! Do you blame them? They did turn out cute.

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  1. oh Cynthia I love the way you think...matching the baby to the desert...both sweeties....


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