Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Mother’s Day Dinner Tablescape.. and two lesson

We had a fabulous Mother’s day. The hubby and daughter set the table for our Mother’ s Day dinner. They did a great job. 

The table is very simple, which brings me to the first lesson: A floral tablecloth can pull together the simplest white dishes, accessories and flowers look like the stars of the table.  

Starting with a pitcher of white tulips. 

And a beautiful floral tablecloth. 

White Mikasa French Country dishes, coupled with my old faithful Ikea chargers.

 Topped with a cute metal petal plate… say that three times fast, with my Kate Spade flatware. 

Crystal candle holders


Small green hydrangeas strewn on the table. 

With my absolute favorite cake plate, stacked with dishes.

As great a job as they have done, my hubby pooo pooed my biggest pet peave… and I hate to say anything but I feel I must be honest… a wrinkled tablecloth… it is like nails on a chalk board for me. But they so wanted to make me happy. And they did, despite the tablecloth. 

Second lesson: The table can be perfect without an ironed tablecloth. The fault lies with me.... not with them. 


I am joining Susan at her party. You know I always love her tablescapes.  


Table Linens: Ralph Lauren Tablecloth - Home Goods
Napkins: Dillard's
Chargers: Ikea 
Plates: Mikasa French Country
Accent Plates: Tuesday Morning
Flatware: Kate Spade, Marshall's 
Pitcher: Pottery Barn
Glasses: Mikasa French Country

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