Tuesday, May 01, 2012

May Goals

May is such a treasure. School is finished and with my daughter's graduation, we are taking a well-deserved break. This break is much earlier than usual, but no more less needed. We need time to reconnect, take time to breath and stop and smell the roses.

I also love May because my favorite flowers; peonies and hydrageneas are ready to bloom. The flower beds look beautiful.

That being said, we still have plenty of goals:

1.    Sand and repaint the outdoor Adirondack chairs and bench

2.    Mulch the garden beds
3.    Finish planting the garden

4.    Sew three baby outfits
5.    Organize dish closet
6.    Clean out two closets.
7.    Baby shower planned and prepped.
8.    Finish planting pots

9.    Organize canning equipment and prepare for summer harvest.
10. Finish planting zinnias and cosmos

11. Look at summer slipcovers for the Living Room.
12. Start planning Fourth of July party and Baby's first birthday.

Oh yes, and eat outside more..... What is on your to do list this month?


  1. I'm tired from just looking at your list! I miss having a yard! I am stuck with a 8X10 deck since the move! Can you say container garden? lol

  2. Be sure to take time to relax


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