Thursday, May 31, 2012

The May Garden

 My garden is blooming and growing. As a gardener, May has the most promise... everything looks beautiful and fresh... August is sort of depressing.... So hot.
Here was the plan this year:


And here is how it looks now…..

The flowers are taking hold.

The cabbage and zinnias are living in harmony.

Tomatoes are growing…..

Staked and ready for a full bounty of summer's harvest!!

We will have to do some sever harvesting of herbs…. They are overgrowing… but I have a plan….

I left last year's leeks go to seed... I love the allium blooms from the leeks. 

Poppies around the birdbath.... 

Salvia between the tomatoes.

 And my love, delphiniums.... I can't wait to see the garden full of delphiniums in a year or two.

Look at the sweet peas.

I moved the bird bath to make room for the bottle tree and the birds are happy….

Everything looks beautiful, we are very happy with the addition of flowers. I am off to the farmer’s market to get some additional veggies….


  1. I have garden envy!!! I love your hinged trellis (at least it looks like one to me). I need to get something like that for my cukes!
    We should compare garden notes!!!!

  2. LOVE it! I love the additions this year! As a beginning gardener, I am already thinking about next year... love the idea of the flowers. Thinking we are going to have to expand our garden next year.


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