Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Garden in May

 My garden is growing very well. I don’t remember if I told you that I had decided to plant half with cutting flowers. My heart is not into growing vegetables. I would gladly by vegetables at the local farmers markets but armfuls of flowers? Probably not.

So I took three garden beds and planted poppies, phlox, delphinium, sweet peas, zinnias and daisies.

The daisies are such a happy flower. I hate to cut them now but will have plenty of flowers to share.

The garden already is more colorful. The poppies give a sweet little pop of red

My weeding all summer will be a happier event.

My bottle tree looks great but needs some paint. My dear sister found it for me and it is beautiful. We planted it on Christmas Day!!  But the first rain, turned all the arms rusted. I hate the rust. I will sand each arm and paint them black.

I did buy some blue bottles for it, but will fill the tree with wine bottles from this summer. Get ready girls…. Wine is on the menu!!

I do have cabbage, peppers, herbs, and four different kinds of tomatoes planted. So technically it is still a vegetable garden.

I hope you enjoy a look at the early garden. More to come!!!1


  1. that is a nice idea with the cut flowers..sorry I haven't been around much lately...just not enough hours in the day...

  2. I love the bottle tree - rust and all!


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