Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pottery Barn Guest Towels

Like most of you, I love Pottery Barn. The people behind that store have inspiring and fresh ideas that always amaze. 

 So when I spied these adorable towels, I knew they would be perfect for my toile guest bedroom and bathroom. 

They were expensive but I thought, I could make those and maybe add some detailing to my towels in there. First I cut some black ticking into 18 by 8 inch rectangles. 

Serged and hemmed the towels. 

Next, I added our initials to the towels with my wonderful embroidery machine. 


I then cut 4 inch by 40 inch strips, making sure the ticking is consistent with the run of the towels. Folding right sides together, I stitched along the long end of the strips. 


Using this amazing tool

 I turned the strips inside out, do you see the little hook? You hook the end of the strip.

You pull the end through the inside of the fabric

 I then pressed the strips. 


Next, I whipped out my ruffling foot for my machine, and setting it to six, ruffled the strips. 


Attached the strips to towels. 

And voila!!! 

How pretty and wouldn’t you say perfect for this room?
One down, three to go and a shower curtain. 

This look is so pretty, I want to use it other places…


  1. You are "An Accomplished Woman"! These guest towels are lovely. They certainly go with your bathroom! LOVE your guest room... so welcoming!

  2. I know what you mean about Pottery Barn... I have to go in there for inspiration from time to time. You did a wonderful job on your guest towels...Very Nice! Thank you for sharing your tutorial!


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