Friday, April 06, 2012

Carrot Cake with Marzipan Vegetables

Easter is not Easter at my home without carrot cake. I have made this cake before but it is so beautiful, I decided to repeat it. After all, isn’t it lovely?


Start with a tube of marzipan, an almond paste, and some food coloring. 

Put a little of the food coloring in the marzipan and mix thoroughly.

 Let your imagination run wild. With purple, you can make raddichio and eggplant

Or color it for carrots... 


Or a bunch of carrots. I added the ridges with a dull knife. All the veggies, need leaves.  


Or corn, making the kernels. 

Roll small red balls and mark with a knife, an X on the top for the tomato. 

Or roll an oblong red ball.. for watermelon. 

Carefully roll out a piece of green marzipan and cover the red.  Now you have a watermelon. Carefully cut in half. 

Next, pulse a box of Oreo cookies, for your garden dirt.
I put it in a Ziploc Bag, cutting the end, making sure not to get any on the cream cheese frosting. 

Now, you have a garden cake..... 

without any weeding!!!

I put her on a pretty cake stand, ready for Easter Dinner. 

I am joining Foodie Friday at Design by Gollum. You will love the bloggers have wonderful recipes.


  1. Love your marzipan vegetables, how cute! I have had carrot cake on my mind all week, I have been wanting it for Easter. Thanks for stopping by my blog, you asked about my Easter Fitz and Floyd rabbits. I am not sure if they are still being made. You can go the the Fitz and Floyd website and take a look, you might also search ebay and see if they are for sale on there. Good luck.

  2. Now that is just too cute for words! Love it!


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