Thursday, March 15, 2012

Potting Shed

As you know, I am totally absorbed in yard work this month… frankly, how isn’t? Well, my cute potting shed needs some TLC also this month. It has become a dumping ground for tools, wreaths, and generally, anything that anyone didn’t know what to do with this winter. This is a picture of the potting shed two summers ago.

So first, I remove everything that doesn’t belong in the potting shed.
Next, put everything in it’s place. My vases are all out of order.

Everything gets a good cleaning, brushed or washed down. 

And lastly, I make a list of everything I am going to need for the next season.
Now the potting shed is ready for this spring’s planting, pruning and flower arranging. 

P.S. The garage is the next project… how did that get to be such a mess?

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