Thursday, March 01, 2012

March Goals

This month the yard requires a tremendous amount of prepping for the spring; cleaning, weeding, pruning and planting. I will lament one more time, how does two and a half months off from the yard require so much work to catch up? It does take a tremendous amount of work to make your garden so pretty!!!

As the yard gets cleaned up, the greenhouse will get a new coat of paint, new glass and shelves. I will also find a new thermostat for the vent window. My handiman will install the greenhouse heater. I am also researching a shade cover for the greenhouse during the last hot months of the seed starting season of April and May. 


What are your goals this month?


March Goals

1.    Flower beds cleaned and planted
2.    Grass replaced in greenhouse.
3.    Pruning all bushes
4.   Two bushes replaced in pots
5.    Viburnum moved
6.   Seeding the yard
7.    Sweaters and winter clothes cleaned and stored
8.   House pressure washed
9.   CD 1 finished
10. Easter outfit finished and start a two summer outfits
11.  Floral design class at Michaels.

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