Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Knitted Baby Hat

My daughter’s friends are starting to have babies. Don’t you just love babies? One of my rules for gift giving is to give the new parents a gift that I have made. Baby hats are ideal as they do not take long and with so many cute patterns out there, you can make a handmade gift for them in a short amount of time. I also try to pray for the new baby, the new parents and the family while I am making the baby gift. 

When looking through the new Momma’s registry, she had chose a cute hat for her new daughter that was very close to a pattern I had been looking at in one of my knitting books. Perfect!!!

So here is my gift for the baby. 

A flower cap with a beautiful green stem. 

I wish I had a model for the hat.. hint, hint…
Love the rich saturated colors and so easy to make. The yarn is from Rowan. A gorgeous cotton yarn.

What do you do for new babies?

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  1. I think I know a baby girl who would love one of these for next spring.... :)


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