Thursday, March 22, 2012

Garden Planning #2 or better yet Garden Delegating

In January, I had a lovely afternoon planning what the garden would hold this summer. With the plan all devised, the next set would be putting the plan in action. My plan always requires the help of two strapping young men and I just happen to know two men that fit the bill. 

They can help me to put my plan in place but it may require some seriously delicious food. Those helpers will make all the mulching, weeding and planting so much easier. I appreciate all their help and want them to know how much I love them and their muscles!!!! …. So the garden was what I had in mind when I devised this table. 

 I think I could get the boys to help me with such a pretty table. 


The pretty cabbage plates on top of the apple green plates from Pier One.

I love these chalkboard place cards. They are so versatile.

And let's not forget the beautiful Wallace Napoleon Flatware. I had been waiting for it to go on sale and bingo... So appropriate for the garden. Bees are so important to any gardener.

The lovely green bubble glasses from Target are perfect with all the greens.

What inspired this table.... other than trying to get the boys to help garden were these beautiful pansies. In the South, we plant pansies in the winter. So they are almost done down here. I love them and wanted to give them one more showing. After all, they made my flower beds pretty even during the middle of this mild winter. 

The Pottery Barn wicker charger with the cream Ikea charger are the perfect backdrop for these plates.

Add these beautiful napkins. The yellow ones are from Bed, Bath and Beyond with the lace ones are a Pier One popular choice. Topped with the beautiful Lenox napkin ring. The napkins are almost as beautiful as the table.

I filled the basket for the pansies with moss but didn't want all that mess on the table... so I placed a cabbage platter under the basket.

I just love anything cabbage, vegetable or fruit. The carrot pitcher, from Home Goods, will be filled with a vinaigrette for the salad.

 Oh and the cabbage salt and pepper shakers are to die for.... Love them. In fact, I replaced my every day ones with these beauties until at least after Easter.

The cake pedestal with these garden plates, will hold a special dessert that I will highlight on Friday.

I hope you like the table... there is alot going on but I love how it looks all pulled together.

More importantly, I hope those boys will be inspired to help me work in the flower beds and garden.

 If not, they will not have access to my cooking... just kidding!!! I love them and they would help me do just about anything.

Pork Tenderloin
Twice Baked Potatoes
 Grilled Asparagus 
             Garden Salad with Pansies              

Garden Sugar Cookies



                   Linens:                Ralph Lauren, Marshalls
                   Napkins:             Bed Bath and Beyond and Pier One
                   Napkin Rings:    Lenox, Tuesday Morning
                   Chargers:            Pottery Barn wicker and Ikea
Dinner Plates:    Apple Green, Pier One
                   Salad Plates:       Cabbage Plates, Antique Store     
                  Accent Plates:     Cabbage Bowls, Antique Store 
                  Flatware:             Wallace Napolean Bee
                  Accessories:          Cabbage Salt and Pepper, Ebay
                                               Carrot Pitcher, Home Goods

    I will be joining Susan at Between the Naps. She has fabulous tablescape ideas and so do her contributors. You should check them out.           


  1. Very creative! Congratulations...


  2. I LOVE your table. It shouts Spring!! Love your tablecloth, it really pulls everything together. And yes I too enjoy pansies in the winter. They show their pretty faces in the months when all the other flowers are sleeping.

    Jocelyn @

  3. Such a pretty table! Love your dishes, and the chalkboard placecards are such a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  4. THIS is why you are "An Accomplished Woman". You know how to get what you want/need!!! Even with my bad back, I'd pitch in to help if it meant getting to sit down at this beautiful table! You really have a lot of great details going on here, especially with the neat cabbage S&Ps and the great veggie containers. Really pretty table linen, too! Nice touch with the bee flatware! Bees are OK with me as long as they're on flatware or off somewhere minding their own business! :-) Beautiful table! Happy Gardening!

  5. Such a lovely table with so many wonderful elements! What a perfect Spring Table!
    XO Cindy

  6. Am so inlove with you Spring treasure. OMG... I do whatever to get your set §;-)

    Absolutely beautiful...

    Happy TS...

  7. Cynthia, Your garden table is a breath of fresh Spring air! So lovely. I am thrilled you got a set of Napoleon Bee! And on sale, even better!

  8. Oh how I would love a set of that silverware! Great garden elements and I can relate to the end of the pansies season but I enjoyed seeing mine all winter here in Florida!

    Robin Flies South

  9. Yum! Your menu sound wonderful, and your tablescape is just lovely!! Perfect garden theme!

  10. Don't you just love the Napoleon Bee flatware? I have some and it is so versatile for different settings. Very cute table setting!


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