Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Two Lonely Girls on Valentine’s Table

As you know, my daughter's hubby and my hubby both work out of town. Daughter's hubby is in the last days of his Navy career and my hubby works hard in New Mexico. 

So to console us, the daughter and I decided to whip up a Valentine's table.... and what better to console two lonely girls than candy? 

When I say candy, I mean lots of candy.... So I whipped out some of my candy dishes


I am also a complete sucker for old Valentines they are so quaint and sweet. Reminders of a more innocent time. 

Girly pink vintage flower plates.


I layered them with a metal petal plate that is used under big pillar candles. I love these because I can paint them different colors and use them in so many fun ways. I am looking for more... I only found four at Tuesday Morning.


A vintage velvet candy box... found at a yard sale. It is very special.

However, we have plenty of fun candy... like M and M's



Hershey Kisses 


 and Candy Button...


 Kate Spade Wickford flatware along with pretty vintage hankies combined with a sweet floral napkin.

Pretty Champagne glasses

And heartshaped marshmallows for..... 

some Hot Chocolate... just in case we didn't get enough chocolate.


Even though we are alone, we can console ourselves with chocolate, champagne and lots of candy. 

We both already have our Valentine's gifts, too... so we are not too sad. 

I am again joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch's Tablescape Thursday. Lovely ladies creating beautiful tables for their families. 


  1. Beautiful table! We should all be our own Valentine first and foremost, don't you agree? Happy Valentines day to you and your daughter!

  2. What a feminine and fun table!! This lonely girl would have loved to join you!

  3. what a fun mother daughter Valentines day...xoxoxo

  4. Don't ya just LOVE sugar! It looks like you had great fun.

  5. Oh, what a delightful table! I love the old-fashioned dots candy and all the rest. I have heart marshmallows in my post as well. I'm glad you and your daughter found such a pleasant way to pass the time! Hugs!

  6. So pretty--I am getting sugar cravings now!

  7. Now that is my kind of meal! Cute table...

  8. How sweet....LITERALLY!!!!!! Oh, my goodness! Have you guys come down off that sugar high in time for Fat Tuesday? :-) This is so pretty, and I think it is so sweet that you and your daughter spent the time together with your Valentines away from you as they were. I know you must both be looking forward to the day when all of that is behind you.


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