Wednesday, February 08, 2012

February Goals

As most of you know, This year, I am very goal oriented. I know it is a sickness but I am always working on something, and the beauty of the internet is that you guys keep me accountable.  So how am I doing on my New Year’s Resolutions? 

1.     Remodel a bathroom – working on it. Trying to figure out the timing
2.   Start the remodel of the kitchen. The basic items will be ordered and I need to talk to an architect about a load bearing wall that I want to remove. The kitchen remodel will begin in earnest in January 2013, but I want to spend this year, planning, purchasing items and laying the ground work of electrical. – I have decided on the refrigerator. Hey it’s something.
3.   Take a flower design class – Ordered books for floral design and read two in January

4.  Learn Italian – Listening to the tapes
5.   Knit three baby items – One down and two to go
6.   Smock four outfits– Working on Easter.
7.   Work out three times a week and lose 30 pounds. That is 2.5 pounds a month... I will have to keep an eye on that goal. – I haven’t worked out consistently but finally found a work out class I like.
8.    Sunday dinners with the family two times a month. – Completed for January
9.   A week spent with the family at the beach. – Doing research for the beach house

Baby sweater is finished, Easter outfit is pleated and I am working on smocking it… hint three ducks down, two to go.

I have a better chance of completing my goals because I break them down into bite size pieces and I keep them visible. So what’s on the agenda for February.

1.     Knit baby hat for a gift.
2.    Finish Fletcher’s Easter outfit.
3.    Sew duvet cover for my daughter’ s condo
4.    Garden cleaned and rototilled

5.    CD 1 of Italian finished
6.    Work out three times a week
7.    Read two more floral design books
8.    Seeds ordered
9.    Purchase socks and underwear for everyone… Hey it is Feb. so what else can I buy?
10. Clean all the bedding in the house
11.  Research glass for the greenhouse
12.  Clean out potting shed and get ready for spring




  1. good goals....looks like you are on track

  2. Great goals. I'm learning to knit - are you on Ravelry?


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