Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Dinner: Garden Planning Part 1

The winter brings out all the hopes and dreams of most gardeners and I am no different than any other gardener. The seed catalogues start to arrive and I pour over them with enthusiasm.

 However, I always step back to think about the bigger picture. With my notes on the garden from last year and some gardening books, I begin to edit the things that did and did not work in my yard last year. 

With everyone preoccupied for the day, I am going to spend this afternoon working on the garden plans of the possible....

My favorite place to work in during winter evenings is my bedroom secretary. My office is pretty cold and the coziness of the bedroom spurs me to write notes or work on ideas. What a perfect place to work on this year's garden.

With everyone gone, I thought I would eat dinner in here with some reminders of the garden. Tulips in this radish vase are such a wonderful reminder. 

My old cabbage dishes.... looks like spring, even though I am filling it with soup. 


 The placemat is an old Bread basket liner that I found at a yardsale. The Kate Spade flatware reminds me of the embroidery. 


 My old friend the bunny napkin ring comes to the garden party also. The napkin is another old linen find at yard sales. Do you know how beautiful some of these old linens are? They sell for so cheap. I know how hard it was for the maker to sew it and I hate that no one loves them any more. 


 Even the birdie comes to sit with me for dinner.

I hate that the pictures lighting is not perfect. It has rained for four straight days... even more reason to curl up in the bedroom with garden books. Don't you hate when the sun won't cooperate with you?

Thank you for spending this afternoon with me. I will keep you posted on the garden planning progress. 

Potato and Leek Soup
Garden Salad
Homemade Bread

Plates: Bordallo
Flatware: Kate Spade Wickford - Marshall's
Table Linens - Yard Sales!!!

Again, Susan has her fabulous Tablescape Thursday that I will be joining,.


  1. a nice cozy place...I bet you get a lot accomplished...

  2. Hi Cynthia!

    What a pretty spot to hide away and be creative. Let's see, you have cabbage, radishes, tulips, a bird, and a bunny--I'd say you have all the elements of a garden! I agree with you about linens, and cherish the ones I have.

    With all that planning, I bet your garden will be beautiful!

    Creating Wonderful Spaces

  3. Cleaver idea! Thanks for sharing your pretty place.

  4. Such a pretty setting for a solo meal! And what a lovely way to spend an afternoon -- dreaming of gardens!

  5. I think it's a great idea every time tulips are included! Lovely dishes!

  6. That silly old sun just has its own agenda, doesn't it? :-) Four straight days of rain...ugh! How dreary! I can see why you'd be curled up in your warm, comfy room dreaming of better days ahead! The pink tulips are the perfect companion!!! LOVE PINK!!! Mmmmmmmm.....makes me long for Spring now! Have a warm, dry, cozy weekend!

  7. I love rain. I can imagine curling up with the garden catalogs in your cozy niche. Thank you for inviting us for a peak. Everything is so lovely. Cherry Kay

  8. That is just wonderful! Made me smile and think about using the secretary desk in our living room. Your little tablescape is just ideal and with the rain, a super idea.


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