Saturday, January 07, 2012

Our Family Christmas Picture 2011

Okay, my Christmas Cards should have gotten to their destinations by now and I thought I would share our family Christmas Card picture. 

We love Burberry at our home and my daughter had this beautiful Burberry dress. So why not an entire Burberry Christmas picture? 

After ordering bow ties for the dogs, the baby and the boys……
How cute is that? Not too cheesy but so cute with the baby.

But corralling a baby and two dogs? 


Okay, cute but not in the sun……

 Look here guys….

  No funny faces…..


 Dogs… look this way…..


Much better….. No, baby, look here…..

All done!!! The money shot!!!!

A little like the Kardashians, according to my daughter but hey....

Have a Burberry Christmas from us!!!


  1. Such a cute idea. Getting two dogs and a baby to all look your way isn't easy! My sixteen year old still likes to be silly!

  2. love the out takes too...your grandson is adorable...he looks like his Daddy...

  3. Much cuter than the Kardashian's picture, and I must say your grandson looks just like his dad!


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