Thursday, January 05, 2012

January Goals

Now that I have my New Year's Resolutions set, how do I break them down to monthly goals.


1.     Start Italian software to learn Italian
2.    Finish knitting one baby item
3.    Easter smocked outfit picked out and started
4.    Work out three times a week
5.    Order three flower design books
6.    Spring and summer garden planned
7.    Seeds ordered
8.    Purchase two new sets of sheets.
9.    Embroider towels for guest rooms
10. Wash baseboards and door jams throughout the house
11.  Research new greenhouse.

January is the month to replenish sheets, bath towels, hand towels and any kitchen towels or mitts. I love new sheets. If I were rich, I would have freshly washed sheets on my bed every day. This month, linens are on sale and it is a good time to take stock.

Photo via Pottery Barn

 I am also going to make an effort to spritz the sheets with lavender water. We need some loveliness in January... this step should help. 

My greenhouse took a beating last spring in a hail storm. I need to replace the glass at the least. I will research whether I want to replace just the glass or the whole house. Here it is when we were installing the knot garden.

In addition, I have three months to complete any indoor projects that I want. The bathroom remodel needs to start but I am waiting to see when my son-in-law gets out of the Navy. His help is invaluable for this project.

What are your January goals?

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