Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Gardening Goals

This year, I do not have any major plans for the garden. However, on Christmas, my lovely sister found me a bottle tree that she and my daughter worked together to give me for Christmas.

I have longed for a bottle tree for three years. The first year, I was too embarrassed to ask the family for it. The second year, my family refused to even entertain the idea. My daughter said... "We are going to save you from yourself."
And this year, I finally won them over. It is a beautiful tree. My son and son-in-law installed it Christmas afternoon.


Now I do have to find bottles for the tree but isn't it lovely?

My other goal is transform some of my vegetable beds into a cutting garden. I love the vegetable garden but last year, I decided that I prefer flowers. Delicious vegetables can be bought at the farmers market.. except for tomatoes and herbs. I am planting only flowers.

Next year, I may build more beds but for this year... I am embracing the flowers.

Mainly, I need to spruce up and add plants where I have holes.... nuture, fertilize, and weed.... the goals for this year.

I will keep you posted about my greenhouse quest... am I going to re-glaze or buy new?


  1. you are going to have fun with your bottle tree...can't wait to see it filled your gree house....

  2. I love your greenhouse. A greenhouse is on my wish list! I used a real Christmas tree that my son dragged home some years ago for my bottle tree. I started off using the more sturdy branches cut short, but they became soft and saggy with time. So my hubby helped me drill holes and drive in gutter spikes.


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