Saturday, January 14, 2012

Freezer Cooking

We like most families have a hectic and bustling schedule. My family is scattered across the country, so when they are home, I want them to have home-cooked meals. Sometimes hard to achieve with all the chores and activities they have to catch up on. In addition, a grand baby can make for an unpredictable schedule, especially at meal times.

I have always been a frugal grocery shopper but two month ago never realized that it would be easier to cook my bargains before I froze them rather than store them in the freezer and defrost for a prepared meal.
Ham and Bean Soup and Red Beans and Rice

This was a revelation. 

After finding this great website, she had a ton of freezer meal recipes available. So I have spent the last month transforming my freezer from packed with meats to packed with meals. Since I always have a menu, sometimes it is hard to follow it… we are out and can’t get back in time. Or frankly, I have had a tough time teaching that day. Well now, I have meals in the freezer ready to be eaten after baking, or defrosting. I even have crockpot meals ready to go into the crockpot at the beginning of the day.
My freezer is stocked with healthy, inexpensive meals that make my life so much easier.

How did I transform my freezer? Well first I stocked up on the Gladware baking pans. Next, I began to make three or four meals freezer meals every week, rotating with what was on sale; chicken dishes, pork dishes, etc.
These baking dishes stack easy and I attach a copy of the recipe to the top of the dish, that way, I know what I need to do to have the meal ready for dinner. 

Glad has these great dishes that allow you to stack your dinners. I need to finish those dishes in the oven, so I include the recipe on top of the dish.

Another benefit of a freezer full of prepared meals is that you can share one easily with a friend in need. The recipe is on the package for them and they know how to reheat it. 

Throughout the year, I will be working through my freezer and sharing some of the great recipes I find…. Stay tuned.


  1. I would love to know the website that got you started on the freezer meals - I don't think I saw it in the blog post. I have the Once a Month cookbook and another that I used to use a lot. With just the 2 of us, I tend to get lazy though. Sure do need to get back to more of what I used to do! Martha Ann

  2. A tough day teaching remedied by a wonderful meal. That's a great idea! Can you figure out how to have someone clean it all up too? :)

    I guess we get a little taste of this when we freeze left overs for future meals. It's so nice to be able to pull things out later.


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