Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bird Seed Balls

I love watching the birds and love feeding them. However, in the winter, the cold weather birds need a little more in their diet than seeds and nuts. 

Each week, my daughter and her new hubby have been trying to use a piece of their wedding gift kitchen equipment. Well, a new meat grinder attachment for her Kitchen Aid mixer was next on the list to try. I suggested they find some suet or lard and put that through the grinder. 


They then mixed some birdseed with the lard and make some bird seed balls. After chilling them, I am going to place them in my sheltered bird house. This picture makes me long for spring.

I hope the birds like them, the newlyweds had fun making them and now they know how to use the meat grinder.. 

Next up for them, the Kitchen Aid shredder. 

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  1. Great way to use the new appliances. Is that pic from this year?


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