Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Homemade Marshmallows and their Fancy Wrapping

Every year, I have special friends that I am required to take my marshmallows to for a treat. 

In particular, one lovely older lady saves and counts her marshmallows for hot chocolate. One marshmallow a day. I always make a special batch for her. 


I have shown you before how easy the marshmallows are to make but I never get tired of finding  fun and interesting ways to present them. 

When I found these little plastic trays, I knew they would be the perfect size. 

Wrapped with cellophane. 

And some personalized ribbon. 

These treats are a special, inexpensive way to tell someone how cherished they are to you.


  1. I have been wanting to try my hand at making marshmallows. Your post has given me inspiration to make a batch.


  2. adorable....what a unique gift...


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