Thursday, December 01, 2011

December Goals

Well, we have made it twelve months and I have accomplished some of my resolutions and need to put a couple on the next year's list. I am working on my 2012 Resolutions and will keep them posted each month.

1.     Involved in two committees at church – ACCOMPLISHED
2.    Take a knitting class - Working on a baby sweater and attending class ACCOMPLISHED
3.    Lose weight… a perennial favorite – 8 total this year…. Oh my, no luck...
4.    Read 6 books, not cookbooks, ACCOMPLISHED
5.    Organize my office - ACCOMPLISHED
6.    Learn Italian – I am re-thinking this goal.  PUT OFF UNTIL 2012
7.    Visit one U.S. historical site with the family – Hubby and I are going to Charleston but I would love to go to Mount Vernon. ACCOMPLISHED

 December is busy with decorating for Christmas and undecorating for Christmas. The Santa Tree in my guest bedroom is so cute, I love how fat the tree is, like Santa. 

I also have December goals to accomplish, you didn't think I was going to take a month off, did you? School ends next week for me and I have 5 weeks to accomplish some fun things with the family and friends, work on some projects and reflect on the things I want to focus on in the new year. I will spend plenty of time with the boys... 

 Including this one!!!

We entertain a great deal in December, with friends and family. Lots of cooking, baking, wrapping, transporting, and table setting.... fun!!!

Mississippi State Bulldogs are going to a bowl game and we will be attending too. My family will pull together, despite the Ole Miss fan being unhappy, she will go happily to the bowl game. She is a trooper. I promise we will all go to an Ole Miss Bowl Game, decked out in Rebel gear and Dad will cheer like he means it!!!


Goals for December:

1.     Embroider the guest towels for the three guest rooms
2.    Cleaning all the copper cookie cutters
3.    The holiday storage closet cleaned
4.    Knitting another baby sweater for a new baby gift.
5.    A dinner party
6.    Christmas eve party
7.    Going to a bowl game and having a fabulous tailgate party
8.    Starting on scanning family photos.


  1. looks like you are well into the swing for Christmas....

  2. ....sure he will!!!

    Yeah it's December (: great post!


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