Friday, November 18, 2011

Tablecloth Organizations

Do you have your tablecloths ready to use? Or are the folded in a drawer somewhere needing to be ironed? Do you know what tablecloths you even own? How about napkins?

 Did you know that it takes 10 minutes to iron the average tablecloth? That is all. I timed it the last time I ironed tablecloths. 

I love tablecloths and love to use them for dinners. But having them ready was always a problem. So I decided to iron all of them and hang the tablecloths were they were readily accessible. The ironed napkins are also organized in clearly labeled shoe boxes by color. 

If your Thanksgiving tablecloth is not ready; quick, get it out and spend 10 minutes ironing. Get your napkins ready. 


Organizing your tablecloths in such a way will make you want to use them more often.


  1. Oh goodness! Fabulous idea. Now if only I had a closet to hang them in. Maybe one day! Mine are in the sideboard right next to my dining table. The napkins are in the top draw and so convenient as we use cloth napkins a lot around here. Not just for "special".

  2. I keep my table cloths on hangers in my craft room closet.(It became my craft room after my oldest son moved out) I have them labeled by size since my table can be round or use up to 3 10" leaves. I also have some card table sized tablecloths.

  3. Mine are in the linen closet and yes i do have to touch them up before we use "-( your organization is wonderful -I look forward to seeing all your tablecloths -When I go to a thrift store that is the first place I head to see the tablecloths.


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