Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mississippi State University Tablescape

I don't know if I have told you before, but I live in a divided household. My husband and son went to Mississippi State and my daughter went to Ole Miss. 

Now for those of you who don't live in the South, this is a big rivalry, I mean Hatfield and McCoys, Red Sox vs. Yankees, Apple vs. PC, VCR vs. Beta Maxx. Okay, I am old, what can I say. 

Earlier this  year, I designed an Ole Miss Tablescape so I thought I better design a Mississippi State tablescape. I am after all the neutral party in this family.

 This weekend, MSU Bulldogs are playing Alabama Crimson Tide. So as a supportive wife, I thought a pretty table might cheer up my boys in the face of the Tide. 


And as any good Bulldog fan, you need a cowbell to cheer on your team.

With Bully, a gift from my husband's aunt when he was in college, overseeing the table... he knows the Bulldogs have a chance against the Tide. Dishes for a pretty table do not have to be expensive. 

My trusty Ikea chargers combined with Kroger clearance burgundy dishes.. I paid $3.49 for four dishes, the stacked dishes look pretty. Combined with a big football bowl, the dishes make a bold fashion statement. I know football and fashion should not mix... but don't tell a girl going to a tailgate party that fact. 

 I love the new Ralph Lauren flatware, a great find at Marshall's, very masculine...

 But then my hubby's poor ole cowbell from his early college days gets a ribbon treatment. 

 My trusty football salt and pepper, another after the Superbowl find at Kroger. $2.29.

 I love these football bowls. They were an inexpensive Tuesday Morning find for $4.99 each. I will use these every weekend in the fall... filled with soups, chili and stews.

Even the napkins are an inexpensive Target find.

Bully is always welcome at any tailgate. He is the best chip and dip holder. 

Amber glasses ready for frosty beer... 

 And a big football platter ready for a big submarine sandwich. 

 I hope you like the table. I also hope that it inspires the Bulldogs to beat Bama... probably not.


Chips and French onion dip
Potato Soup
Italian Submarine
Green Tossed Salad
Beer Bread 

I am joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch. She is having a fantastic giveaway.


  1. that's a nice table...lots of spirit...

  2. Love the table! We are a family of Auburn fans, so we TOTALLY understand the in state rivalry! I am going to have to start looking for some football bowls, those are perfect for football season in the south. Good luck on Saturday! We'll be ringing a cow bell for ya! ;-)

  3. Go Dawgs!!! Goooo Mississippi State!

  4. I'm a Yankee, but have to say that is a cute game day table!

  5. We are another breed of Dawgs in the SEC! I really like the table and found a couple of ideas that I want to borrow this weekend when we play Auburn. I also like the Ole Miss table. They just have the best colors, don't they?!

  6. I just adore all of your football ware! We have a similar Hatfield and McCoys here. We are also an instate rivalry, BYU vs. UofU and this is a holy war because BYU is a church school, so it gets even worse! I told my kids I wouldn't pay a dime toward their college if they chose to go to UofU (so none of them have) but my daughter in law did and she loves it. The worst is when they play each other and this year we played at home and she and my son wanted to come with us - I just said no cheering for the enemy! We have fun (but I don't think she thinks its very funny!) She didn't cheer for UofU but they wiped us!

    I wish I had all of your fun football knickknacks!

  7. Go Dawgs! Great 'scape! My son graduated from State for undergrad and my daughter-in-law from that school up north for grad. They are a house divided. But maroon and white always wins out.

  8. Love the cow bells! Will you share where you purchased those???


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