Thursday, November 03, 2011

Holiday Gifts: Amaryllis Bulbs

A holiday gift I love to give are plants. Amaryllis bulbs make the holidays festive and winter less depressing. However, the Amaryllis bulb needs six full weeks of sun and water to bloom into their impressive blooms. And giving the bloom at Christmas means it will not reach its full potential until the end of January.

This is my Amaryllis bloom from last winter. Isn't she pretty?

Well this year, I am making Thanksgiving baskets for some friends to give them a head start on the holidays. The bulbs, if planted promptly, will be ready for Christmas. 

The package includes the bulb, the pot and the soil. 


And here is the best part, I bought them last year, two weeks after Christmas for $2.24. How fantastic is that!!!!! 

Wrap them up with some pretty cellophane wrap, fall colored ribbon and some pretty leaves. 

I am including a note, telling the recipient why I am thankful for them in my life. And hopefully, they will remember that at Christmas when their big Amaryllis bulb blooms.

 My wrap station looks so pretty with all the packages ready for deliver!!!

What are you giving your friends for Christmas? Have you thought about it?  We are going to spend a little time every Monday working on the holiday season.


  1. My mother received one of these one year for Christmas and it was the most beautiful plant! Great idea! I'm hoping to make some candy popcorn to give as gifts to our guests for Thanksgiving. Enjoy your day!

  2. what a nice way to start off the holiday season...and at such a good price...


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