Saturday, October 08, 2011

Rehearsal Dinner

When my daughter got engaged, I knew that we would also help our future son-in-law with the Rehearsal Dinner. 

Rehearsal dinners have taken on a whole new aspect. No longer is the dinner just the groom’s parents, bride’s parents and bridal party. The dinner has become a sweet time with the above but also many out of town guests, relatives and close friends. 

My son-in-law and I spent time planning what he wanted. My favorite idea was a party in our backyard where friends and family could enjoy each other’s company without the hecticness of a restaurant on a Friday night. Since both families would be meeting for the first time. Our backyard offered the casualness and relaxing atmosphere we wanted. 

We reserved a big tent for the possibility of rain and off we went. 

The colors of the wedding were blue and gray so we found Chinese Lanterns, decorated the tent, due to a chance of rain, with these lanterns. We bought these larger strings of lights for the tent and once the son went down, it made the tent a magical place. 


Simple hydrangeas arrangements were placed on each table, her wedding flower of choice. These flower arrangements were the easiest centerpieces you can make, three hydrangeas in a glass vase, done. 


I decided that I would make a great Southern BBQ for our northern friends. The BBQ not only is an inexpensive meal to fix for 70 people but can easily be made ahead of time and frozen for the day of the party. 

We started with 5 full Pork Loins, rubbed with a combination of salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic powder and onion powder. Wrapped tightly in foil and cooked at 250 degrees for 6 hours. The pork fell apart. Mixed with some BBQ sauce, the pork was perfect for BBQ sandwiches. 


The day before the Rehearsal dinner, I whipped together my favorite Orzo Pasta Salad, my son-in-law purchased some potato salad and cole slaw. The day of the dinner my friend brought some wonderful beans for the dinner. My sister-in-law made several desserts and we made a trip to Sam’s for blue and white cupcakes. 

 The bride and her awesome shoes!!

But my favorite part of the dinner, we rented a hot dog stand. My family is crazy for hot dogs. The hot dog stand was a huge hit. The ladies brought hot dogs, chips and drinks. They set up and cleaned up. What a treat.
Buckets filled with wine and beer bottles.


We had a wonderful time. Who knew my driveway could look so pretty!!!

And I think the boys had a wonderful time.

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  1. Hi, This is awesome! Such a great article on how to host a successful rehearsal dinner at home. I love the use of the paper lanterns and the best, the HOT DOG STAND! The bride looks beautiful too. Question: Did she purposely dress in blue to wear the colors of the evening? Might blog on this idea one day and curious if brides are doing this ~ What a lucky couple to have had a wonderful eve of the wedding! Elaine owner,


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