Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Halloween Ghost

I love Halloween... but not the scary Halloween. 

However, when I found this picture


I thought I could make a cute ball gown out of chicken wire. 

So we started with a roll of chicken wire... I would use heavier chicken wire in the future

My daughter and I shaped the ball gown. I cut the bodice and we sewed it on with leftover wire from the package.

We put a pretty bow on her and she looks pretty in the rose garden..

Now here is the scary part...... the rose bed needs some serious weeding. I am getting to that tomorrow. 


But she does look pretty. I am linking to Tip Junkie's Crafty Tuesday


  1. that is too darn cute...I like the sweet side of Halloween too...not the scarey side...

  2. Maybe she will weed while she's out there... never know!


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