Thursday, September 15, 2011

Zinnias and a cutting garden

After a long summer of weeding and watering, failed zucchini and cucumber plants, I bought one packet of zinnia seeds. 


I thought what the heck, with an empty flower bed, wouldn't it be nice to have some pretty cutting flowers.  


 Next summer I wanted to put in a cutting garden so I thought it would be my chance to experiment.

Well, hello pretty.... 

These zinnias lifted my spirit for the last month... when we had lack of rain, these flowers looked beautiful. I love the way they hang in the borders.

They are easy to grow, cut and put in pretty vases... 


  1. I have grown zinnias before and LOVE them! They make such a pretty gift to bring to a friend and to just bring into the house in a pretty vase. I haven't planted any in a few years but seeing yours and how you did them gives me an idea for next spring. Thanks!!!

  2. I love zinnias....yours are very pretty...


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