Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mikey and the Flower Girl

As we wait for wedding pictures. I thought I would share these two cute children that were in my daughter's wedding. 

Mikey, my daughter's godson, is a pistol.... like full on pistol. The photographer even wrote about what a pistol he is.... Mikey is the sweetest, naughtiest and kindest boy you will ever meet. If the dictionary had a picture of a boy... Mikey's picture would be next to it. 

Kayla, the flower girl, is my son-in-law's niece. She loved being a flower girl and should always wear long dresses with flouncy skirts. She loves to twirl and thinks she is a princess. I think she is one too. 

The moral of the story. Children in a wedding can be interruptive but then again, aren't children representative of the circle of life? 

We love these two children and they made a special day more special.


  1. oh you can see it in his face...true boy...and she is a true princess...what would a wedding be without children to make us laugh...they are usually the ones that make us smile...of course Elvis as the one perfoming the ceremony will get a laugh out of everyone...

  2. Adorable! Yes, I think children add a spark to weddings that encourage us to think hopeful, dream filled thoughts for the future. Happy Fall!


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