Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wedding: Bridal Room and Church Policy

If a bride is going to have a church wedding, an important item should be the church  policy. Every church has traditions and customs that require specific restriction and limitations for weddings.

For instance, our church had strict floral and photography requirements. We printed those restrictions and shared with the vendors. One of the unusual restrictions was the floral arrangement could not be taller than the cross' arms.
One major issue with most churches is what materials are allowed to shower the bride and groom as they leave the church.  Bubbles, birdseed, rice? We were unable to use any items except birdseed. However, using birdseed would require someone to stay behind the church and clean the steps and sidewalk. Not a job I wanted nor did I want to give it to any of our guests. We found an alternative, I will tell you about much later.

In addition to any restrictions, the bride needs to have a good working relationship with the church's staff. They are available to help the bride and make her wedding perfect.

One other thought we had not considered was the bridal room and where will the groom and the groomsmen be housed? Most of the pictures the photographer takes before the wedding will be in these rooms. 

Things to look for in this room: 
·         Are the rooms attractive?
·         Is there a long mirror for the bride to dress with?
·         Can you eat in these rooms?
·         Are there seats for everyone?
·         Is there storage that can be locked during the ceremony?
·         Who cleans up these rooms?

Our bridal room was attractive, with a nice mirror and plenty of seating. The bridesmaids were allowed to eat in the room and it had plenty of locked storage.

The grooms' room was not as pretty but hey, they are boys. They had plenty of room and tables to eat at.

Every bride needs to know the answers to all these questions before they enter the church on the rehearsal and find they have a potential disaster. 

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