Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sunday Dinner and Pot Roast

As you know, I have requested, i.e. begged, the family to come and eat a proper Sunday dinner. So for my first dinner, I whipped out a fantastic Pot Roast dinner. Now, I have made pot roast before but this time, I stepped up the recipe and the results were fantastic. 
 Set a sweet table!!!

With a simple centerpiece of shells. 

I halved three onions and sauteed them in olive oil with butter, once browned, removed them. Next, sauteed carrots until tender and caramelized. I also removed the carrots from the pan. 

Next, took a beautiful piece of chuck roast, salt and pepper on the outside and then browned in a beautiful olive oil.

Once browned, I removed the roast. Taking some leftover red wine, deglazed the pan. Basically, stirred the wine in the pan until all the crusty remains of the roast was removed.

Gently, I added the roast back to the pan, topped with the onions, carrots and peeled potatoes. I seasoned the dish with 2 T. of chopped thyme and rosemary, salt and pepper. Topped with two cups of red wine and 4 cups of beef stock. Put the lid on and placed in a 275 degree oven.

The entire Sunday dinner in one plate!!

Okay, maybe I need some rolls!!!
Absolutely delicious and so easy. Wonderful!!!


  1. now that will bring a family together...

  2. This looks beautiful and delicious. Adore the pale blue plates too - do you know who makes them please?


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