Thursday, August 25, 2011

A retro wheel barrel

You know how much I love a pretty vegetable garden. Well, I also love pretty garden tools.

Before Pininterest, I found this beautiful wheel barrel on a blog... and I do not remember who it was.. but I love their wheel barrel. I have looked and cannot find the original blog.

Here is the before...

What a great transformation!!! 
I have been looking at yard sales for three years for a wheel barrel like this to put all my weeds that I have pulled every morning. If I find one, y'all will hear me squeal with delight... 

Garden tools can be boring, but I say, why, this is the cutest tool ever!!!!


  1. Are you kidding me???
    That is soo cute! :o)

  2. adorable...makes weeding worth it...

  3. Lol. The best part... is that behind the sad wheel barrel... the plants look sad... and then when finished the yard looks great :p


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