Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Office Remodel - Part 1

After my daughter's wedding, I really wanted to repaint and remodel my office. I love the color but it really needed to be freshened up.

More importantly, the layout of the office just didn't work. the flow... I felt like it was confining and messy. 
So during the wedding planning process, I spent days thinking about a better layout and how I used the space.

1. I love to do research and spend time pouring over magazines, cook books, gardening books, etc. 

A portion of the workspace had to be devoted  to write.

2. I work on many projects, as you know. Some of the projects take longer than others. I needed space to leave these projects out to work on them.

3. I loved this Pottery Barn wall,

 and decided to make my own organization wall. The board keeps all cards and invitations.... I just cleaned it off. My monthly calendar keeps me organized and the cork boards hold sewing projects and important loose papers.

4. Sewing is very important. I have three machines and need space to keep them out and a place where they are useful and available.

5. As you know, I love to bake and I love to give those goods away. With multiple types of wrapping, plus wrapping presents, dinners, etc, I wanted a wrap station. 

This station from Home Decorators is perfect.

Deep drawers to hold everything you could need.

I found this little guy in Charleston and he needed to sit on my pretty craft station.

6. Again, you know how much I love to entertain. I have cleared these shelves to store new entertaining dishes, lanterns, candles, glasses, etc. You will love this space when it is organized and finished. 

While, I am not finished, you can see how fabulous it will be. My goal is to finish it in the next two weeks. The new tables will ship on Monday and I can get rid of the temporary table. I will also be able to finish painting my shelves and some other furniture.


  1. I really love this room, I admit to a little pang of jealousy! It's everything a crative woman would want, and very well thought out. Can't wait to see it when it's completed!

  2. Make that a *creative* woman :)!

  3. you are so organized....I love it..


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