Tuesday, August 02, 2011

August Goals

Remember my New Year’s Resolutions? Well, how am I doing on my goals? 

1.     Involved in two committees at church – one so far, I have tracked down the other committee but haven't had a chance to meet with them yet.
2.    Take a knitting class – I am waiting for fall.
3.    Lose weight… a perennial favorite – 8 total this year…. I am back on track.
4.    Read 6 books, not cookbooks, my first love. – four down
5.    Organize my office - almost done
6.    Learn Italian - I have not had time... may have to re-think this goal.
7.    Visit one U.S. historical site with the family – Hubby and I are going to Charleston but I would love to go to Mount Vernon. If anyone wants to take me there, I am ready!!!

In addition to my yearly goals, August is all about wrapping up the summer and getting ready to teach two new classes. I have a ton of prepping to do for those classes if I want to stay ahead of the students. Harvesting, canning and freezing tons of tomatoes, herbs, zucchini and other produce.

 My office remodel is almost finished. Still have a lot of organizing and filing to do and when it is finished, I need to sew my daughter’s duvet cover, some sweet pillows for her bedroom and a jumper for her niece. Two dresses are smocked and I would love to finish another one for my Wee Care group.

Here are my goals for August

1.     Classes prepped.
2.    Duvet Cover and pillows sewed.
3.    Jumper sewn

4.    One gown smocked for Wee Care
5.    Fall garden and perennials planned.
6.    Office remodel finished
7.    Garage cleaned
8.    Blanket chest refinished

What are your August goals?


  1. It's so good that you set those goals. I'm guilty of letting time pass without purpose sometimes.

  2. I love it that you are a list maker like me!!! Lists keep me motivated and on track. I am ramping up my August goals and maybe I will post about them as well. Happy Tuesday!

  3. I have really neglected my blogging and all I enjoy reading lately. I am happy to see you are still busy and organized. A real inspiration to those of us who struggle with it.

  4. Your tomatoes look beautiful!!! If you do not mind me asking what do you do? We started a garden this year and almost all of my tomatoes split!!

  5. To avoid tomatoes from splitting, make sure they are watered evenly. If it has been really dry, it makes the skin of the tomato thick and then the tomatoes get a lot of water, they split.

    I hope that helps.


  6. Yes it helped me!! THANK YOU!! I will remember that from now on!


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