Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wedding Planning – The Venue

Once we knew the direction or feel for the wedding, we needed to find a venue that matched the formalness of the wedding my daughter wanted. Not an easy task. Venues in Knoxville tend to be geared towards outside weddings or more casual weddings. 

The importance of the backdrop cannot be stressed enough for any wedding. The venue is like an important guest at the wedding. The church we are members of was very formal. We also found an old beautiful train station from the late 1800’s that would be perfect. Gold gilded crown molding, 30 foot ceilings, stained glass, and intricately tiled floors. Perfection itself!!! This venue made decorating for the reception a piece of cake. 

This picture is from another wedding.....

As I blogged previously, the school system decided to transform this beautiful piece of architecture into a magnet high school. 

So five months until the wedding date, we had to scramble for a new venue. Now I would love to say we found the perfect back-up venue but we didn’t. You cannot cry over spilt milk. 

We learned how to transform a pretty space into one that would provide the grandeur we were looking for all along. Rented candelabras, table cloths, gold charges and the right floral centerpieces help lift the space up to the formalness we needed. 

Most brides have to transform their spaces to make it fit their wedding. Renting the right pieces is a good way to achieve this goal. In addition, the rental companies will let you to set up tables at their establishments to preview how it would look. 

Next up the wedding to do lists we made and kept, weekly and monthly

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  1. Cynthia, Wedding venues are so important. My daughter had a black tie evening wedding and we had it in a barn!!!! The kids didn't want "just a room" and wanted to give homage to their Lancaster county roots. So we chose a gorgeous 19th century barn, which had been fitted with fabulous ammenities, but a barn non the less! It's beautiful canopied courtyard, and outbuildings became a gathering place for appetizers, and a bar and a venetian dessert table. Inside we brought in lighting, draping, chandys,twinkle lights to fill the rafters and tons and tons of flowers. It looked like a fairytale! Thank goodness she is our only daughter, it was beautiful, but I would not have the energy to do it again!

    So don't be dismayed, sometimes unusual can be the most beautiful. You are so creative and inspiring I am sure this new venue will be the perfect place that your bride has dreamed of. Your daughter is very blessed to have you to help her!(When is her wedding date? Fall?)


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