Saturday, July 09, 2011

Wedding Planning: a primer

I know most of you aren’t going to plan a wedding anytime soon but I wanted to walk you through how my daughter and I tackled planning her wedding. But first, I believe it is important for everyone to know the thoughtfulness and the amount of decisions that go into an average wedding. In addition, the process is similar to any major project you are undertaking or any party you are planning. 

Another reason, I wanted to write this blog series, is for the average guest to understand his or her role in the wedding. What is the current wedding etiquette as a guest; the most misunderstood portion of any wedding, I would argue most people do not know etiquette period. The guests inject what they “think” is etiquette but there is a serious lapse of correct information. 

And lastly, we added a number of DIY projects that I want to show you how we did them and what type of reaction we had from the guest. 

So here we go:

When planning any project, party or wedding, the best place to start to tackle such a large and expensive project is to have a vision. Whether you have cut out pictures of your “inspiration”, so of course, my daughter armed with a stack of wedding magazines began the process of determining a theme. Unfortunately, the wedding industry is a little, um how do I say this nicely….. on the cheesy side? 

The internet offered a wonderful assortment of inspirations; farm weddings, garden weddings, city weddings, and architectural weddings. However, none of those appealed to my daughter. 

She wanted an elegant wedding that evoked a time gone by… a Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice wedding, her favorite movie and author, along with all the other Jane Austen books, Sense and Sensibility or Emma. A wedding that would look like a very expensive wedding but would not break her parent’s bank… thank you honey!

So we started from that premise; Pride and Prejudice. Every decision we made from that point forward took into account the theme. And we watched all those movies at least two times to make sure we were both on the same page. 
By having a central idea, the decisions became much more focused. Did this invitation fit with that idea or not? If you apply this to a kitchen remodel, does this sink fit into the overall look we are trying to achieve. A central theme allows you to edit your choices to fit into the overall look. 

Next week, we will talk about how the big wedding decisions; dress, tuxedo, etc.


  1. Soaking up all your advice!!!

    Your theme sounds wonderful. I have bookmarked the wedding cake from Emma (2009) because it looks so easy yet elegant--2 shaped Bundt cakes decorated with flowers. I thought it might be fun to do a variation of that cake for cutting and then do individual cathedral Bundt pound cakes with fresh strawberries and cream.

  2. your daughter is fortunate to have you...


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