Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Wedding Gift Baskets

A new tradition for the bride and groom is to add a sweet gift basket for out of town guests’ hotel rooms. My daughter and her fiancé, now hubby, spent several months thinking about how to convey to their guests how much they appreciated the guests coming to their wedding.

Another important goal of a gift basket is to give the guests a hint of the two young people getting married. An uncle from the bride’s side will not know the prospective groom, so how does he get to know the groom? 

Well, we started with their favorite snack, a popcorn bucket, and filled it with shredded paper. A cup from my daughter’s alma mater, Ole Miss was added. The basket included the couple’s favorite candy, water bottles, a bottle of Jack Daniels… a native drink for Tennesseans. 

The hotel did not serve breakfast so we added freshly baked blueberry scones 

And some homemade blackberry jam,

One of the most important things we added, was a fun fact sheet of the bride and groom. The fun fact included favorite things, baby facts, how far away the groom was when he proposed, etc. 

Lastly, we added an itinerary for the guests so they knew directions to the all the events.
I know the guest enjoyed the baskets and we had fun putting them together.


  1. you are a smart lady...what a great gift...

  2. What a nice gift. My favorite would be the blueberry scones and jam. How sweet!

  3. I learn so much from you! Didn't know about that tradition. The gift basket y'all put together is thoughtful and fun!

  4. What a brilliant idea! and such a lovely way for guests to share in the special day


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