Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wedding Decisions

Once you have a theme for the wedding, or a party. Big decisions are made keeping the theme front and center. 

When she decided Pride and Prejudice, the wedding dress was the next decision. The wedding dress is the central vision of the bride. 

My daughter decided on this wedding dress

A gold confection that showed off her best features, classic, sweet and stylish all in one dress, she looked beautiful. 

After the dress, the flowers are the other major decision to set the stage for the wedding. Well, there was no decision there, hydrangeas. My second and her favorite flower. Hands down, the only choice for a June wedding but a beautiful choice for her theme. We used this card as an inspiration for flowers and wedding tone. Since it was from our wedding photographer, it made an easy call.

Now with two decisions under our belt, we had a serious conversation about color. With a soft gold dress and hydrangeas as her flowers, what color of hydrangeas did she want? Blue, cream, pink or purple? She decided blue, like the pretty hydrangeas in my yard, she loves those flowers. 

Okay, blue hydrangeas. Next decision, bridesmaid dresses.
Note to any future bride; do not look for bridesmaid dresses online. She fell in love with a dress that was only carried in Atlanta. We found the dress after two weeks of calling bridal shops and sweating out whether the dress would be perfect. A trip to Atlanta, hotel room, fun shopping with the maid of honor and yes it was the perfect dress. But the color, originally blue, looked like a big blue mermaid dress…. So going back to the theme, the color of the flowers, the best choice was a graphite gray. Why gray? What better color to set off the blue in the hydrangeas.


Wedding colors were now set; a soft blue and graphite gray. 

Tuxedo choice were fairly easy after the colors were decided. Although we did tweak the vest, pocket square and bow tie. Oh yeah, we tweaked the bridesmaid dress but that is for a later day.

So with some of the big decisions made, we had a direction for the style or formality of the wedding. Next up, the venue.

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