Friday, July 15, 2011

Watermelon Berry Sorbet

Watermelon is a favorite fruit of my husband’s but let’s face it, who can eat a whole watermelon? 


We also love any icy treat during the summer. So this past weekend, I decided to combine the leftover watermelon and whip up this tasty treat for the family. 

Cut 4 cups of watermelon, seeded.

Add 2 cups of berries, I used blueberries.

Add ½ c. sugar and ½ c. water and blend.

Freeze for 2 hours in a 13 by 9 glass dish.

While partially frozen, use a fork and scrape the sorbet to create small crystals. 

 Freeze another two hours or until solid. 


 Scoop into a small dish, garnish with mint… So refreshing.

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