Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Prepping the Pantry

We are 18 months away from a total kitchen remodel and one of my sore spots in my current kitchen is the pantry, or lack of pantry. July is the month that my pantry gets a total overhaul. 

First, I will be canning my garden harvest and local veggies and fruits in the next month. All the canning jars need a good washing and I need to make room for all the bounty. Three cases of jam, a case of tomatoes and tomato sauce, ½ of case of peaches, several jars of pepper hash, some pickles and whatever else I might decide to put up will need to find room on the shelves. 

Second, we are one month away from school starting back up and I need to get the pantry ready for some serious baking in the fall. I love baking as the weather cools and I need to stock up on flour, sugar, etc. 

Space in my pantry is precious so every inch counts. My pantry is a closet and not very pretty... you wouldn't like it either. So I love to look at pictures of pretty pantries. Here are a few via PinInterest, follow me if you want!!!

I would love to have enough space to put drawers and appliances.

Love the glass jars and labels


Here is the before and after, don't you love the wallpaper in the back of this one?

Oh, what dreamy baskets and organizations. 

Are you happy with your pantry or do you hate yours as much as I hate mine?

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