Friday, July 08, 2011

Garden update

The garden at this time of year is in transition. I thought I would share what the garden looks like this week, three beds are finished and will get composting, roto-tilling and seeds for gourds, pumpkins and zinnias. 

The herbs need some serious harvesting; drying and freezing. Tomatoes are starting to really come into their own along with the zucchini and peppers. 

While my garden always looks pretty… it never stays the same.


  1. I'm in awe. Your garden is looking so good. I'm a fan of raised bed gardens. It sure makes it easier to add compost and keep the soil healthy. I'm expecially fond of how easy the soil is to work with when it hasn't been walked on while gardening. Thanks for posting the update. I just love garden visits.

  2. Awesome Garden! Really like the raised beds.


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