Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cooking in the middle of summer

It’s hot in Tennessee and when it’s hot, who wants to cook. In addition, the hottest part of the day happens at 5 p.m. So, when we hit the middle of summer, I find a new strategy for cooking in the heat. 


First, I try to double up any cooking of pasta, rice or potatoes. I also try to boil eggs and potatoes together. Both pasta and rice freeze well and when you need a cool pasta salad it is really nice to have pasta in the freezer. 

 If the grill is used, we also try to cook any other meats that I can use during the week.
All the fresh produce plentiful in the summer, what better side dish than sliced tomatoes with a generous helping of salt. 

Lastly, roasting vegetables, meat or fish brings out so much flavor but heating the oven to 400 degrees is not the smartest move during the middle of the day. 

By carefully planning the menu, what meats, produce or starches I need cooked, my fridge is always filled with the ingredients for delicious meals without making my kitchen hot. Also, who needs fast food, if you can throw a pasta salad together in five minutes.


  1. Great advice! Wise tips to make summer cooking more enjoyable!

  2. smart ideas...fast food is so bad for you...but sometimes you just have to...love your tips..


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