Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ballard Design Chalkboard

I was at an awesome yard sale several weeks ago and found this huge antique picture frame. Looking closer, the frame was $5. Too bad, I didn’t get a before picture, it was ugly brown. But sometimes I am too busy doing projects rather than taking pictures of projects. I am terrible about that lapse.

Well, I wanted this chalkboard at Ballard Design but who can afford $400 for a blackboard? I know I can’t. 

I saved this ugly green chalkboard from when the kids were little and thought I could repaint it black, remove the metal frame and trim it to fit the picture frame. 

I sprayed the frame cream and you will never believe it, the ugly green chalkboard repainted fit into the frame perfectly. I mean not one inch had to be shaved off. 

Oh yeah, we need some beer from the grocery store.

Look at the crackling... 


Simply bend the back staples out of the way, slide the newly painted chalkboard in and bent the staples back to the original place. 

It really looks beautiful in the kitchen and for $5, who can’t afford a big fancy blackboard!!!


  1. AWESOME! That turned out beautiful and with the perfect match, it was meant to be!

  2. now that is a cool it..


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